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“I thought tweeting was for birds!”

"I'm with @stupid"The last week was one of great excitement and mild panic. Just a few little words on PZ Myers’s blog and twitter account, “We need a lot more of these. Check out Little Changes by Tiffany Taylor”, was enough to convince 3000 people to visit my Little Changes website. For those of you who are new to my blog, “Little Changes” is a children’s book which introduces the concepts of evolution to a young audience, without the jargon.

This, while obviously incredibly exciting, made me realise how completely unprepared and inept I was. My brother-in-law kindly pointed out there was a bit of a discussion going on via twitter on my aforementioned book – and that I needed to sort myself out and get on it! The trouble was, I knew about as much on how to use twitter as I did about the latest One Direction “hit”. A revelation came with the discovery of the “Search” and “@Connect” buttons (yes I have a PhD, and yes I really was that slow on the uptake). And with a little revamp of my outdated profile I think I can safely say, “My name is Tiffany, and I’m a twitterholic (but I still have no idea what the latest One Direction hit is).”

Thanks to those who shared, and who still share. The “Little Changes” project is itself evolving, into something which I hope will help young children question the why the world they live in, is the way it is. There are exciting things on the horizon for Little Changes, so watch this space!

On that note, the rinkdinks get a mention on this week’s “Naked Scientists” genetics podcast (between time 21:12 and 24:01, but make sure you give the whole thing a listen as there’s some fascinating stuff on there like “how genes might jump between snakes and cows”?!) A big thank you to Kat Arney for her superb interviewing and editing skills – I’m sure I didn’t sound that coherent at the time.

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Posted by on January 15, 2013 in Evolution