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An Insect-or Calls

A blood curdling scream disturbs what was otherwise a calm summer’s eve, and then all was deathly silent again. The butler comes running into the reading room looking distressed,

“It’s the gardener ma’am, she’s found something in the rose bushes. It’s a young man. It’s the body of a young man!”

“Not to worry”, a voice pipes up from the corner of the room, “I’m an entomologist”. The others look at each other bemused, “The name’s Crawley, Dr Carrie P. Crawley”.

The corpse bride

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Cell by Date

By Tiffany Taylor

It has recently been reported that one in six people in the UK today will live to see their 100th birthday. Interestingly, there was quite a loud outcry from the public who voiced their fears over reaching such a grand old age, but what do we really understand about ageing? In this article I will look at ageing from the genetic, cellular and multicellular level to find out what we know, what we don’t, and whether there’s anything we can do about it.

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