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The Age of the Phage

Phage infecting bacterial cell

We are in the middle of a war that has been raging for several billion years, and its continuation is certain for as long as life exists on our planet. The number of bacteria on earth has been estimated at 4-6 x 1030 cells,equal to approximately 350 – 550 Pg of carbon (1Pg = 1015 grams). That’s a lot of carbon for a little thing. For a long time, bacteria were thought to be the most abundant and diverse organisms on the planet, but for every organism there is a parasite, and the bacteria’s mortal enemy is the phage (or the bacteriophage as it is also known). Phages are viruses of bacteria, and outnumber their hosts 10 to 1. Every day, these viruses kill half the bacteria living in the oceans, and they are infecting bacteria all over the world at a rate of 10 trillion times a second. But we didn’t even know they existed until the 20th century. Read the rest of this entry »


The Silent Scientist… Speaks

I apologise for my recent absence over the last few months. During my silence I have been lacing my thesis with blood, sweat and many tears – and on the 9th of September I earned my DPhil from Oxford University.

So now, with my silence broken, Dr. Taylor is back in business taking “a journey through the science of life”, and hopefully finding the words to take you with me.

Thank you to all those who supported me during my time at Oxford, and its with excitement and a little nostalgia that I now move onto the next stage of my academic career as a postdoc at Reading University.

Real science to follow soon… I promise.

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