In Brief: Sexy Science

20 Jan

Today the BBC website was running a link to a face perception test, developed by the psychologist Prof. David Perret from St. Andrew’s University. The research was designed to determine whether your self perception as an introvert (quiet and happy to be left alone) or an extrovert (sociable, talkative and enjoy group activities) influenced your attraction to potential partners. First, you were asked to answer a short questionnaire regarding your own personality traits, and then rate twenty pairs of faces based on personal attractiveness. The hypothesis was that introverts would be attracted to faces showing less expression, and vice versa for extroverts. Prof. Perret believes behaviours such as these are important in partner choice. I apparently rated myself as an introvert (though I’m not sure I’d agree) – and who did I find the most attractive? … the extroverts. “Sorry Prof! I’ll be the anomaly in your dataset”. However, looking at the audience’s results it seems most people are attracted to the extroverts, and I’m not surprised, why would you choose the glum, uninterested looking face over the smiley cheeky chappy? Not quite convinced by this science, but it was some good procrastination.

See my results below, and to take the test yourself just click here:

The Results:

Your choices:

We asked you to rate yourself on a five point scale for extraversion.

You rated yourself as an Introvert.

When rating male faces






You seem to have a preference for extrovert faces. This means you might also prefer partners who have this personality type.

Audience’s choices:

When rating male faces

When rating female faces










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